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EnviroGuardian is a standalone fridge/freezer monitoring product. Developed by Guardian Software, the creators of Retail Guardian, EnviroGuardian can also be fully integrated as a part of their innovative retail management solution; allowing for a comprehensive overview of all aspects of your business from a single place.

The system allows you keep control on your valuable stock 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year around, with peace of mind with live real time information and alerts.

Our product all are ISO 9001 Certified, and have changeable batteries at site (average life of batteries is 1.5 years).

  • Save staff time and improve accuracy of record keeping
  • It’s a plug and play system (requires Wi-Fi access)
  • It’s a mobile, desktop and web application for full control of the system, from anywhere in the world
  • Each system can monitor up to 40 sensors
  • Full history of temperatures kept for any inspection requirments
  • Reduce the claims on your insurance
  • It’s compliant for all of your regulatory and operational needs
  • Prevent breakdowns before they happen
  • Help ensure products are safely kept and the correct quality for your customers
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EnviroGuardian Hardware - Hub, Sensor, and Booster